We’ve Tried: Barcelona Hot Air Ballooning

I didn’t know what to expect. I had never been hot air ballooning before. I did a little research before going, learning that ballooning is the number thing the British want to do during their life. I did make a number of assumptions. I assumed that it was safer than any other form of flying as long as someone didn´t put a giant pin into the balloon and popped it. I didn’t have a clue how fast or slow the ascent would be and how high we would go.

Well in the end the experience was serene, floating along through the air, but it is deafening when the pilot turns on the burners! The scenery was amazing, not quite a magic carpet ride over the Serengeti or Maasi Mara, but still I found it breathtaking.

For those interested in this experience and wanting more information before they fly, then hopefully this little guide will help:

How a hot air balloon flies
If you heat the air by 100 degrees F/H, it weighs about 7 grams less. Therefore, each cubic foot of air contained in a hot air balloon can lift about 7 grams. That’s not much, and this is why hot air balloons are so huge to lift 1, 000 pounds, you need about 65, 000 cubic feet of hot air!

It’s romantic
There was a couple that had their arms around each other for most of the flight as you can see here from the photo. I think it’s the kind of experience that you want to share with your loved ones.

It’s calm and serene
Floating around up near the clouds without the noise of an engine brings an amazing calmness. Any problems are left on the ground. The only noise breaking the calm was the occasional starting of the burners so we could gain altitude.

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Kids love it
If you have a child, imagine how they would feel seeing and being in a huge balloon. It would be unbelievably exciting for them.

The view
If you pick a perfect clear day, you can see all the way to the Pyrenees and all the coastline around Barcelona. The day, though not clear, was still good enough to create a sense of awe in us passengers.

It’s exciting for everyone
As we passed over buildings and houses of Vic, it was fun to see the reaction of the people below who were waving from their windows, and kids on their bikes pointing up at us. What was funny, was the reaction of the animals, like some cows. When we were flying low over the ground. When one noticed the others followed, all with the same blank expression

There’s nothing to be frightened of
I was apprehensive along with all the other first-timers. But the speed of ascension was very slow and the calmness of floating took that fear away within a few minutes. The only slightly concerning thought was that we would have to come down somewhere. In the end we found a field and were down.

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The brunch after
After the landing we went to a typical local restaurant and the two pilots showed us how to drink with a porrón. Being a vegetarian, I was pleased at how well they catered for me. Everybody seemed to enjoy the food, particularly the fuet which is a speciality in Vic, and drink. We all talked about our experiences, and listened to the pilots, Miquel and Joaquim retell their fascinating experiences of ballooning around the world. They say they never take a trip without their balloon. I don’t think a balloon could be taken through as hand luggage onto a Ryanair flight. If they did for sure your surcharge would be high!

Ballooning is an experience I’ll never forget and I want more of it.

I went flying with Balotours who fly out of Vic. To get to Vic is only an hour train ride from Barcelona. Its an early start as the train leaves at 7am. You will be picked up by Balotours at the station and taken to the takeoff site. For more information on Balotours Barcelona ballooning click here.


Also If you would like to see more photos of our incredible experience, just click here.

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